13 Luxury Home Finishes to Consider When House Hunting – High Status Renovations and Remodeling


Since it is porous and pliable, it must be sealed in order to keep it from staining. Each year, you’ll have to reapply the sealant, but this is a comparatively tiny task when compared with the protection against wine and coffee spills that can take place during the tenure of your.

There’s no need to fret about putting hot skillets on your counter tops since they’re not likely to shrink. If they are able to withstand the heat, humidity will not be a problem. The spill can be cleaned promptly and countertops of granite will not become discolored or stained.

Granite countertops are great to help keep kitchens and bathrooms well-maintained. Granite countertops come with one of the greatest advantages being that they are easy to clean. The surface is clean by using a mild soap like dish soap or the use of a gentle, non-linty cloth.

5. Fieldstone

Fieldstone can be found in many forms: From small slabs of flat stone and large natural bricks. The stones were initially dragged from the earth in order to increase the yield on agricultural land. These stones are often used as garden ornaments or on the exterior of homes. This material is also used as a wall for retaining.

It is an excellent accent wall in interior spaces. Fieldstone provides warmth to any space and adds the impression of luxurious. When properly finished it can create a gorgeous look that exudes luxury. It is attractive, but equally affordable.

6. Copper Finishes

Copper is making an appearance although it’s pricey. Copper is a versatile material which instantly adds luxury a space. Copper-colored finishes are an excellent alternative to real copper. The smallest splash of color on the handle of a drawer, or on the vent of the oven hood will immediately improve your space’s aesthetics.

7. Hardscapes

A hardscape


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