A Guide to Plumbing Parts – Creative Decorating Ideas

You will have to fix or replace parts of the plumbing in your home at some time. If you don’t have any expertise in plumbing, figuring out which parts go where could be difficult. This video will explain some commonly used plumbing components you need to know about.

For older properties, the pipes are made of galvanized steel. This was an option that was popular in homes constructed prior to WW2. These pipes are susceptible to corrosion, and could cause water damage. Most likely, you’ll need to purchase galvanized steel pipes when retrofitting an older home.

The most popular material is copper today. They come in 10 or 20-foot lengths. It is also necessary to be able to understand what the size of the pipe wall. It is essential to be able to gauge the pipe’s wall using the gauges. The codes you are living within will determine what gauge you should use. As opposed to threaded fittings the joints and pipes are soldered together.

There are compression connectors and some that use O-ring joints to seal tight spaces where it’s difficult to use equipment.

There are PVC pipes that can be used to drain water, as well as CPVC for water lines which are used to transport drinking water. For more details look up the video in the link below.


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