Basic Golf Cart Repairs and Services – Salt Society

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Make sure you read the Owner’s manual.

Golf carts are offered in a variety of makes and models just like automobiles. In this video, Club Car goes over the most basic maintenance elements of owning the vehicle of theirs. While many golf carts appear and operate the same way but it is best to consult your manual to see if there are special features or warranties that require particular services.

Add water to the container.

One among the golf cart maintenance and maintenance that owners are able to do on their own is to add water to the battery. Similarly, you should be able to include any other fluids you require in accordance with the model and model of your golf cart.

Clean It Up

Check that your golf cart is in top condition by ensuring it’s clean and well-oiled. Most manufacturers will give you specific instructions for lubricating breaks and other parts.

Altough many golf cart repairs and maintenance can be completed by yourself, it’s sometimes required to hire a professional. Get it done immediately!


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