Craziest US Laws – Entertainment News Today

people around you. There are some laws you could not even believe are there anymore. An attorney will be required to straighten these out. The video below will provide an explanation peculiar statutes.

Driving under the influence is unlawful in all states. One state goes a bit further. Wyoming also allows drunk driving. You could face arrest in the event of ski driving impaired.

Another unusual law comes from Alabama. In this state, you can’t drive blindfolded. To make this law valid, it has to occur at least once. Also, it should be mentioned that this would likely be legal in every other state as well.

In addition, it’s not legal to sell dog or cat hair in Delaware. Washington has made it illegal to hunt bigfoot because the species is endangered. But, Virginia is taking hunting law to the next level. Other than raccoons they can’t hunt any other animal Sundays. It also applies to pests. As you can see, there’s no shortage of bizarre laws in place even today.


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