How a Bad Press Release Can Work Against Your Company: Three Facts

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Did you know that, on average, press release distribution is 20% cheaper than typical internet advertising? There are a lot of reasons you should use online press releases for your business. Not all releases are made equal, though, and having a successful release is key to it being effective as a form of advertisement. Here are three important things you should keep in mind so that you fully utilize online news distribution services.

1. What a Good Press Release Does

Did you know that the average journalist will skim through at least 300 press releases every day? And that about 65% of them use Yahoo or Google to keep track of daily news? A successful press release works as a positive PR generator for your business. It increases the likelihood that people searching for information on your company will find a detailed account of how you are innovating and improving. Journalists might also use your press release as a source. If they do, your brand name will be perceived as more relevant in Google search results.

2. What a Bad Press Release Can Do

On the other hand, if you release a poorly planned or written press release, it can work against you. People don’t like reading poorly written copy. If your press release is nothing but a big block of text reiterating your company promises, no one will read it, and it will not get promoted in search engines, or help you with advertising. On the off chance someone does come across it, it will create a negative association for your business. People are always looking for a scam, and they’ll get suspicious of a supposedly professional news release that has blatant spelling errors, or lacks linguistic integrity.

3. How to Create Quality Online Press Releases

The key to a successful press release is the introduction of new information. Make sure that every press release you distribute tells people something new. It can be as minor as a new hire at the company, or as major as a million dollar acquisition. A good press release should be written from the perspective of an intrigued outsider. In other words, leave out any bragging or boasting, and instead, write releases as if you are a journalist fascinated by the latest information about your company. Make sure you can convey why people should care.

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