How Cementing Companies Operate Throughout the Manufacturing Process – Cleveland Internships

the final product.

The Foundry is where the procedure begins. Initial raw materials undergo chemical analysis in addition to drying, screening, washing and drying. The primary ingredients involve limestone and clays. Others include dolomite, iron ore, and products from natural gas wells or coal mines.

These products are then mined by cementing firms and are then fed to crushers. The crushers cut to the size necessary for the various steps of production. The material then goes into the kiln. Following that, it is heated the minerals to extreme temperatures to form different forms of clay or lime.

Cement producers grind this material further by using huge stones wheels. It is the result known as crushed stone. To make various clinker grade that is made, the crushed stone must be later heated up to extremely high temperatures and speeds, whether by roasting or firing. These clinker grades create a variety of grades of cement. Cement producers can achieve multiple grades by mixing the proper proportions of sand, water and pressure. The result is a concrete mix that sets upon encounter with water.


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