How Emergency Stretchers Are Used – Free Encyclopedia Online

The emergency response team may be necessary to respond to the emergency. You might have a fire or a quake. In any case, people may sustain injuries that require medical attention immediately. Medical professionals are always called for assistance when faced with an emergency situation like this. There are numerous instances where an injured individual is unable to walk by themselves. It is possible that you have injury to your spine or back. If this is the case, they will need to be transported in a safe ambulance where they can be transported to a hospital for care. Emergency stretchers may be useful. They’re used for transporting injured patients safely to an ambulance. In this video, you will learn how they are employed.

The injured patient should be carefully placed upon the stretcher. In the event of an emergency, they would be turned on the side, so the stretcher may be placed underneath them. In the event of injury to the spine, more care should be taken when getting a patient to the stretcher. The stretcher is typically transported by two or four people. It is essential to communicate clearly about when they will lift and when they will walk to avoid accidently dropping the patient.


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