How to Give Your Pet Nutrition on a Budget – Tips to Save Money

Terrinarian and the author of “The Forever Dog,”” A terinarian and author of “The Forever Dog,” pet food on a tight budget.

Certain dog food brands cost too much and do not give the nutrients promised. Instead, you can give your dog what the family consumes in order to boost nutrition and save money.

Dr. Karen Becker gives tips for adding human food to the dry food for dogs. Combine the pieces of asparagus and broccoli into dry dog food. It is possible to add apples that have been bruised pieces, or other fruit with a dented or bruised surface. Eggs are nutritious due to their amino acids.

Furthermore, pets can take plain herbal tea to ensure improved nutrition. Combine it with dry food items after it’s been cooled. It is recommended to mix it with dry food. Becker states that growing the broccoli you grow for your dog is much more nutritious than adult stalks. Herbs are good as well. Turmericfor instance is good for dogs with arthritis.

Additionally, she states that food items like onions, chives, leeks in addition to grapes, raisins, shallots, and chocolate are not appropriate for your dog , and should be avoided altogether.


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