How to Grow Potatoes in a Small Space – Organic Food Benefits

Additionally, it’s much more enjoyable. Plus, you will have an appreciation of work completed. If there’s enough space? One option is using the method of making towers to grow potatoes. This video will demonstrate how you can build the towers.

In a tower, planting potatoes is a creative technique to cultivate these yummy sweet potatoes, and not take up too much space. The towers free up space for things like an storage facility for potatoes. The towers only require some easy materials for making. The materials you will need are wire fencing, zip-ties, a gardening stake, and the soil you have. First, roll the fence to a cylindrical form. Zip-tie it onto the garden stake so the fence is facing up. Inside, grab the straw and make a nest. After that, put in your potato and soil. When your potatoes have been evenly distributed, you can cover the straw with another layer. Keep this up until the straw reaches some inches. Keep your potatoes hydrated and loosen the zip-tie after you are ready to harvest. To harvest, simply remove the top of the tower and enjoy your fresh potatoes.


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