How to Install an Arch Kit – Home Improvement Tax

Do you know how to transform your home into an archway? In that case, did do you realize that you can purchase an arch kit and build the work yourself? YouTube’s video “DIY Remodel”: How to Drywall and Install an Arch Kit shows you exactly how Universal Arch Kit can be used to design the home that you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s find out more!

Contractors may have kept the Universal Arch Kit a secret over the years. This kit is now available for everyone to convert your doors into archways. This kit comes with detailed directions to make installation more simple. However, you can also find out how to set it up right here.

The first step is to determine the distance of 18 inches from the upper part of the doorway or opening and make an outline on the wall. Next, you need to measure 18 inches away from the other side of the doorway to its middle. Mark that upper part of the doorway as well. Utilize a knife for utility to cut through the wall at the location you marked. Cut all the way to the corner as well.

Check out the remainder of the video for more details about installing an arch kit. 244d74kwuz.

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