How to Plan a Low Budget Bathroom Remodel – Discovery Videos

yourself. There are many methods to reduce the cost of materials. One of the best methods is to refurbish the items you already own rather than buying new items.

There is a way to make any part of a bathroom with just a bit of effort, even the toilet.

Bathtubs and Shower

The most cost-effective option is to purchase your bath or shower handles along with spouts, showerheads, and handles together. In the words of Home Depot, these sets, also known as trim kits, could cost between $100 and $200 for each.

It is possible to conserve money by keeping the handles, and not having to replace them. More than the attractive handles, a good shower head can make the shower experience much more enjoyable. Many high-end showerheads cost around 50 dollars.

Shower enclosures

A tiled shower enclosure can look brand new if you have cleaned the grout as well as the tile. It is possible to repair any grout that is damaged. In order to give your grout a modern appearance, make it darker. It is possible to repair damaged or broken areas on shower walls constructed of acrylic or fiberglass.


Because it’s smaller, having a stone countertop for your vanity will be less expensive than stone counters for kitchen counters. There are more affordable alternatives.

The least expensive countertop options The countertop options that are least expensive, as per HGTV includes laminate as well as glass or ceramic tiles. Even though the cost for natural stone countertops as well as solid-surface counters is greater, they’re nonetheless less costly than marble and granite.

If you’re a lover of the beauty of natural stone, there are various ways to acquire it at a lower cost.

Use remnants. Find out if your local suppliers have any stone remnants from larger projects. Scraps of stone are typically more affordable than a full slab, but you do not necessarily require them for the vanity. Also, you can ask your contractor about leftovers if you’re r3n7sughjk.

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