How to Replace Your Bathroom Faucet – Family Issues

If the faucet you have is in disrepair It’s the right time to change it. You need the right tools and knowledge to do the job just right. This video shows you the steps to upgrade or replace the faucet on your bathroom efficiently and quickly.

The faucet installation process is simple. The faucet has water supply connections and connections to the shank of the faucet, and then a latch connection that connects the faucet with the sink as well as counter. Before you do anythingelse, you must make sure that the water is shut off.

The problem with removing the faucet that was previously installed is that it’s difficult using the normal wrench for taking away the faucet’s connections. It isn’t possible to use a wrench to get rid of the connectors because they are located under the sink. The only option is to use either a basin wrench or some other similar tool, in order to tighten the nuts.

Following that, unhook both the handle and the head of the faucet to connect the faucet. Start the water up by connecting pipes to taps.

The full details can be found in the video below.


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