Logical Position Provides Low Budget Transparent Management Fees

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Logical Position is an award winning search engine marketing firm based in Oregon that has made it their mission to meet and surpass the wishes of every client, whether they are a large company or small business.

Lake Oswego, Oregon Logical Position is pleased to announce low budget transparent management fees, a sight which is not very common throughout the search engine marketing industry. Providing transparent low budget management fees to clients will mean that clients can see exactly where their money is going at any time throughout an SEO or PPC campaign. When added on top of everything else that Logical Position offers, this new level of transparency will be appreciated by every last client.

Lower Prices and Higher Returns

Clients working with Logical Position will see a higher than average click through rate. At the same time, they will also get to save money on a lower than average cost per click. These kind of features are, much like their low budget transparent management fees, somewhat rare in the world of online marketing.

The experts at Logical Position know that not every company can spent an outrageous amount of money on a social media or SEO campaign. Some have to work within the constraints of a budget, which is what the low budget transparent management fees are all about. Logical Position can make it possible to manage PPC (pay per click) advertising budgets of all sizes. Whether a budget consists of $200.00 a month or $200,000.00 a month, clients will be able to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Making Waves in the Mobile World

Logical Position is also pleased to announce that they are the first and only company to offer a mobile application to combine paid search (AdWords), Google Analytics and competitive search engine optimization (SEO) reports. Combining these online marketing ventures into a single, easy to use app that can be logged into from anywhere makes checking the status of ones promotional campaign easy.

Logical Position has been meeting the needs of its clients for over four years. In that time, it has been named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon by the Oregon Business Journal, and received a Beaverton4Business award. Those interested in learning more can visit Logical Position online at www.logicalposition.com.
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