Paint Rolling Advice – Boston Equator

It can be even more difficult in the event that you fail to do it properly the first time around. There are many errors made by people when painting their homes. In this instructional video you’ll be taught about the most common mistakes made by paint rollers and the best way to avoid them.

This is an error that is common not to take a break when painting. It’s not a good idea to abandon a section of your property that you’re working on. Keep painting until you’ve completed your current section. In the event that you fail, you’ll notice lines of rollers where you started beginning and then started over all over again. It is a very unpleasant experience and should be avoided.

One common error is that you don’t overlap strokes. It is recommended that the roller overlap strokes by approximately 40%. This will make it less likely to overlook any area. This will not only save time but also improve the overall appearance of the area.

People also often do not choose the right roller. The best choice isn’t every type of roller. The bristles ‘ length will determine which sort of roller to choose. Select a roller with more bristles when you have very rough surfaces.


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