Things to Consider when Publishing Press Releases Online

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Are you struggling to have your online news releases noticed? According to eReleases, 80 million people get their news online each and every day. Even journalists are using the web to keep track of developing news story with 64% of them saying they do so. The fact is that if you are not making the best out of methods to promote your press releases online, then you are just going to be drowned in the massive current of content. Consider these three tips to improve your press releases online.

Who is My Audience?

The first thing to know when writing anything is who your audience is. If you are a social technology company, you should not be focused on talking about politics. Talk to your users about the new processor speeds and applications afforded to your new device by your advances in tech. Consider that, according to Marketing Sherpa, distribution of well written, content-driven web material can lead to a 2,000% increase in traffic and a 40% increase in revenue. Write to an audience with value and service in mind to harness these stats.

Do I Need a SEO Company?

You also need to consider whether or not your online press release is attractive to search giants like Google. According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of online interaction begins with a web search. Google alone now services 100 billion searches monthly. For those reasons your content needs to be written with a searcher’s thought processes in mind. What words will they most likely use to find a post like yours? By making use of powerful keyword tools, like Google Adwords, you can effectively get into web users’ heads. If you cannot do it yourself, then find a company specializing in SEO that can.

Do I Need a Paid Service?

After creating content that is attractive to both search engines and readers you need to consider the best way to publish it. Many companies specializing in publishing press releases online exist. Some of them offer free plans and paid plans. Choosing which you should use is something you need to carefully consider.

Online PR Media, for example, offers users a free plan that guarantees SEO and a maximum of one free press release submission a day. If you want more visibility and a higher volume of activity, you can make use of a paid plan that guarantees things like syndication, submission to over 5,000 sites, and professional editing. As with anything, you should shop around to find the business and plan that fits your particular needs.

Publishing press releases online and getting them noticed should not be overly difficult. If you write to your audience, optimize your content for SEO, and use an effective publishing strategy then viewership will come naturally. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it and you will see results.

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