Want to Show Up in More Searches? Three Tips for Using Free Press Releases

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Did you know that 78% of consumers use the internet to find information about products or services, yet 25% of small business don’t show up in search results? Businesses are quickly realizing how key online visibility is to their success. When looking for ways to market themselves, many companies eventually stumble upon the option of the free online news release. Although these sites can be helpful, there are a few things you should know about free press releases before diving headfirst into that end of the advertising pool.

1. There are Benefits

It’s good to know exactly how much value you get out of something. Press releases are viewed, on average, 275 times a week, according to research by Hubspot. Press releases also help journalists find everything they need to know about you, further reiterating that the information out there about your company is going to be accurate.

2. But There are Also Sites to Avoid

Are you worried about submitting your site to Google? Relax. It’s been years since anyone has needed to do that. Now, Google crawlers find your site within hours and start listing it in results. The takeaway? Don’t trust any site that promises to do that. What else should you look out for? The point of online press releases is to be seen. Research by Vitis Public Relations, however, indicate that less than 15% of free press release sites actually fulfill on their promise of getting your posts in Google search results or news. Sites worth checking out? PR Fire, Idea Marketers, Online PR News, and Open PR.

3. The Makings of a Strong Online News Release

Wondering what type of press releases will get you the most attention? A standard PR should have an opening paragraph, background information, employee quotes, and some type of announcement justifying the piece itself. This can be anything from a new hiring, to an award, to recognizing employee achievement. Get your readers more engaged with images and videos. Hubspot research shows that releases with photos get 18% more views, and releases with links to videos get 55% more views.

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