What Is the Difference Between Category 6 Cables and 6a Cables? – Remodeling Magazine

They both work, but each has its own advantages. Continue reading to find out what the distinction is between cable types 6a and category 6a cables.

When it comes to dimensions, category 6a cables tend to be a little thicker than the category 6 cables. They are heavier than category. The reason for this is their offering an extra gigabyte of capacity. The cables in category 6 are utilized for networking with 1 gigabytes over 328 feet, whereas category 6a cabling offers 10 gigabytes across the 328 feet.

For costs, Category 6 cables are more cost-effective than cables of the type 6a. Installation costs and gigabyte options are lesser that’s why. Cat 6 cables are more difficult to install than Category 6 cables. The result is higher cost of installation.

Cat 6a cables perform better than Cat 6a cables, however if you have the budget to purchase them, then the category 6 cable is superior.

Learn more about the 6a cable and what category 6 cables mean.


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