What You Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance – Interstate Moving Company

The song is a hit, let’s take it apart.

The homeowner’s insurance policy is made up of two components of coverage: liability and property coverage. Within each section of the coverage, there are various varieties of insurance.

The types of property coverage are, dwelling, other structures personal property, other structures, the loss of usage.

The dwelling coverage will protect your home and structures attached to the home, like an attached garage.

The coverage for other structures includes structures that are not connected to your home like a shed or detached garage.

Personal property insurance protects things inside your home like clothes, toys, or furniture.

Loss of use coverage can cover expenses such as a hotel stay in the event that your house is not livable due to an accident and claim.

Personal liability covers you when somebody injures or harms your body. Additionally, it includes medical costs that are able to cover medical expenses for people who get injured on your property.

For information on homeowners insurance and the types of coverage that are right for you, watch the video above or call a homeowners insurance provider immediately!


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