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Jeff Wichman, the owner of Wichman Landscape Construction, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA has been serving his community through landscape design for 13 years. We had a chance to talk with him about his company’s ups, downs, and plans for the future.

Mr. Wichman, there are a number of different types of landscaping companies in the Pittsburgh area alone. Would you please tell us about what makes Wichman Landscape Construction special?

Wichman Landscape Construction has both a residential and a commercial landscaping division. We are slowly growing the commercial division with our primary focus being on the residential work which includes backyard patio design, driveways and pavers, retaining walls, ponds and waterfalls and outdoor kitchens and patios.

That’s a very interesting niche! How did you settle into that particular area of landscaping?

I suppose I gravitated toward hardscape design over time. Stonework is the foundation of any well designed landscaping installation. It is through the use of stone that you are able to create beautiful and long lasting exterior environments that families can enjoy for decades.

Your business has almost been around for over a decade. Were there any times you wanted to give up?

Running your own business requires perseverance. You need to be able to get through the setbacks and have the long term vision in mind and keep working toward it. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to give up and move to a new business though.

Your perseverance seems to have paid off! What’s been the most rewarding part of running your own company so far?

I think being able to implement your business vision and execute the work in the manner that is most efficient and makes the most sense to you. Everybody has their own system and we’ve all been in a situation where we were doing it somebody else’s way and thought it could be done better. Running your own company gives you the freedom to do it your way.

Your way seems to be an effective way to do things. Where do you see your business going in the next several years?

We are really glad we made the move away from general lawn care toward hardscaping. It is a physical product with a long life so it is fulfilling to be able to see the fruits of our labor years and years down the road. We’ll continue to focus on hardscaping and grow our crews gradually to meet the local demand for our work.

Wichman Landscape Construction, LLC certainly seems on track for many more years of success. To learn more about Mr. Wichman’s business, visit www.wichmanlandscape.com



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