You Cant Get Much Closer to a Tornado Than This! – Entertainment News Today

own. Powerlines can cause roadblocks. In heavy rainfall, it can be difficult to discern. They can also pose a risk. The danger of tornadoes is for everyone not experienced storm chasers. They could smash transformers, flip cars and even lift homes off their foundations. The moment you hear a tornado warning alarm, you need to find shelter as soon as possible. There is no need to fret about destruction and then call a local roofer once everything has settled down. Yet, storm chasers continue to cheat death and get closer and closer to the dangerous storms. In this video, you will observe two storm chasers come very close to tornadoes.

Video starts with a faintly enveloped tornado which crosses the road in front the chasers. There are multiple vortex forming within the central vortex. When the tornado takes on more dirt and debris, they continue following it. One point you will see the tornado breaking up power lines, with bright flashes light.


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