JHE’s Log Furniture Place Celebrates 15 Years in Business

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JHE’s Log Furniture Place is pleased to be celebrating 15 successful years of offering the highest quality log furniture to its customers.

White House, TN JHE’s Log Furniture Place is proudly celebrating 15 years in the industry this year. Over the course of its 15 year run, JHE’s Log Furniture Place has prided itself on crafting and delivering high quality log furniture to its customers that is not seen anywhere else in the industry. The company is now looking forward to repeatedly raising the bar in terms of quality and customer service during the next 15 years.

Special Promotions Throughout the Year

JHE’s Log furniture Place regularly offers its clients a number of special promotions, especially around the holidays. Whether it is New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, customers can look forward to saving a bundle many times throughout the year. These promotions could apply to a number of different items, including beds, dining and coffee tables, chairs, billiards tables and desks.

No matter when someone chooses to make a purchase from JHE’s Log Furniture Place, they will be receiving a high quality handmade product that will put other companies attempt at wooden furniture to shame. Many companies make their furniture out of plywood or particle board, only to advertise it as real wood. JHE’s Log Furnitre Place delivers real wood, no matter what the item may be.

Much More to Come

JHE’s Log Furniture Place hopes to unveil a new website in the near future. This website will make it easier for customers to browse different items and order online, a trend which has continued to grow steadily over the past few years.

Over the past 15 years, JHE’s Log Furniture Place has constantly worked to make themselves accessible to customers, so that they can provide the highest quality results possible. When coupled with a quality product and a dedication to the craft, it is no wonder that JHE’s Log Furniture Place not only has managed to grow, but is looking forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Headquartered in White Hous, JHE’s Log Furniture Place has been regularly meeting and surpassing customer expectations for over 15 years. Those that may want to know more about this company and the real wooden furniture it specializes in are welcome to visit online at www.logfurnitureplace.com Continue your research here: www.logfurnitureplace.com

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