MOGO GPS Prepares to Roll Out Fully Optimised Mobile Website

Do you know where your fleet is?

MOGO GPS continues to break new ground in the world of GPS technology with the August 15th launch of mobile optimised website specially designed to provide the best user experience

Murarrie, Queensland MOGO GPS is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that is fully optimised for mobile devices that provides the best experience possible for the mobile device user. This new mobile site has been designed to improve the browsing experience for people using smartphones such as Android and iPhone devices, by making it easier to navigate to a specific piece of information while on the go.

The new website comes on the heels of another win for MOGO GPS: the success of the iPhone/iPad Gps tracking app.

New Features

MOGO GPS designed the new mobile website with several features that are designed to make it easier for mobile device users to browse and conduct business. “In our latest mobile site release, we have made improvements in line with current market trends, as well as client feedback, which we expect will be well received by the market,” said MOGO GPS Marketing and eCommerce Manager Kristen Richardson.

New key features that are part of the mobile website include:

Mobile Commerce. Units can be ordered on the internet no matter where a customer may be, thanks to the greatly simplified payment methods and forms.

Click to Call. Instead of having to navigate out of the site to make a call, users will be able to click the phone number and begin automatic dialing.

Adjusted for Easy Viewing. While the new MOGO GPS mobile website will contain the same information that is on the PC based website, it will be automatically adjusted for easy viewing on a mobile device.

“With mobile penetration growth in Australia reaching 130%, it is no surprise that when it comes to mobile internet and online shopping as a nation, we are one of the most savvy globally,” said Richardson. “With year on year growth in mobile page views by Australian users also being in excess of 100%, there is no doubt a mobile site should be part of any business toolkit.

An Easier Shopping Experience
Websites that are not fully optimised for mobile users can oftentimes be quite difficult for commerce on the internet. With the simplified payment methods and forms on the soon to be released mobile website, customers will have no trouble placing orders on the website.

The new website is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2013, and is expected to greatly enhance the browsing and shopping experience for the customers who use a mobile device.

MOGO GPS has been proudly servicing customers throughout Australia for over six years, and looks forward to continued growth in the future. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit online at More like this article. Research more here: Gps tracker for vehicle

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